Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pounds in - Pounds out

You will lose weight if the weight of food you put into your body is less than the weight lost between meals.

Do not confuse this with calories in - calories out because, at best, this just shifts the focus to the abstract idea of calories. You want to lose weight, pounds, not calories. So why get all caught up in calories and how they translate to weight? Let's just look at weight.

We can call it the pounds in - pounds out diet.
If you eat and drink less by weight than you lose every day you will lose weight.

1) Weigh yourself.
2) Go about your day.
3) Before you eat or drink, weigh yourself again.
4) How much did you lose?
5) Don't eat and drink more than that weight of food!
6) Go back to 1.

That's it.

How much will you lose?

Each day you will lose the amount of weight you do not put back in with food and drink.

The most you can lose is by not eating or drinking anything, that is by fasting.

Lose 2 pounds, eat nothing. You lose 2 pounds.

But this cannot go on too long and it's not much fun.

So try eating half of what you lose.

Each time you weigh yourself you can eat and drink half of what you have lost.
This is why I call it the Zeno diet.

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